The ‘One Finger Selfie’ is the Latest Trend and it is taking the Internet by Storm—Can You Do It?


Can you do it?

After the widely popular ‘Mannequin Challenge’, another online challenge is becoming viral, and girls around the world are doing it. The question is: can YOU do it?

The trend is inspired by an image created by Japanese anime artist Sky-freedom. The illustration shows a naked girl taking a mirror selfie with her top and bottom pulled down. Standing in front of her reflection, the character uses one finger to cover both breasts and her bikini area. Look at the example below:

In the artist’s illustration, her character is pictured taking a mirror selfie while using one finger to cover her chest and crotch. This works because the finger in the picture obscures her genitals, while its reflection is positioned over her chest.


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However, one wrong move or miscalculation and participants risk showing a bit more than they bargained for. So if you intend to try the challenge out, make sure that your ‘private parts’ are completely covered, and yes—you might need a little practice.



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