Bride Marries Billionaire while wearing £200,000 of Solid Gold Jewellery Weighing More than 5kgs!


It’s like carrying a baby around your neck!

Every woman dreams to look their best on their wedding day. Liu Cheng’s mom wanted to let her daughter’s groom know that she was from a good family—by letting her daughter wear pure gold jewellery worth £200,000!

Gold is seen as a sign of good luck and good fortune at a wedding and a sign that the family of the bride is a good one. With this at hand, 26-year-old Liu Cheng’s family went overboard and let her wear gold jewellery that weighed at least 5 kilos. Apparently, she was wearing more than five kilos of solid gold necklaces, bracelets, gems, and rings.


The bride’s mum Lin Hu said she and relatives have been collecting the gold pieces for years, and they all agreed that Liu Cheng keep them all even after the wedding.


Liu Cheng’s mum Lin Hu said: ‘I’ve been collecting these pieces for years, and I got my relatives to do so as well because it’s important to show her new relatives that she comes from a good family.


She added: ‘We would save money and when the gold price was low we would buy—and sometimes when it was high we would sell to have cash to buy more gold later—it worked really well.’

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