He Accidentally Threw His Pillow Filled with Cash in the Trash and Garbage Collectors Took it!


They had to rummage through 15 tons of garbage to look for it.

A lot of people tend to lose a variety of things by accidentally throwing them in the trash. Most of the time, they only realize their mistake after quite some time—when it is already too late. They lose diamond rings, wads of cash, and items of inestimable sentimental value. They throw stuff into the trash by accident, and I bet almost everybody had this experience at least once in their lives.

A man from China, surnamed Shang, accidentally his threw his pillow away and the garbage collectors took it without realizing what was inside it. Apparently, Shang had $30,000 stashed away inside the pillow for safekeeping, but he completely forgot about it!

When he realized what he had done, he immediately called the Garbage Collection Base. He was devastated to learn that 2 out of 3 containers of garbage were already shipped, and there was only one left!

Five workers were already off shift but decided to come back and help other workers who volunteered to look for the pillow. Luckily for Shang, they were able to locate the pillow after just an hour into the search. Shang offered a reward to the workers, but they declined, saying it was part of their job anyway.

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