Charges Have Been Filed Against A Mom Who Injected Feces Into Her Son's IV


In Indiana, a mother has been charged with injecting feces into her son’s IV on as many as six occasions. Her reason? She wanted him to be moved to an ICU with “better treatment.”

Fifteen-year-old Luke Alberts was being treated for leukemia at Riley Hospital for Children when his mother, Tiffany, made the deadly injections. Doctors, stumped by the boy’s fever and vomiting, moved him into a room with a surveillance camera. Not long after, they observed Tiffany injecting something into his central line.

The daily injections of feces took place between November 13 and 17. Now, doctors worry that they might have missed their window to keep the teen’s leukemia in remission. By all accounts, it’s a miracle that he did not die of septic shock.

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When Tiffany was confronted about the injections, she claimed that she was just flushing the IV line. However, she soon admitted that she was injecting her son’s own feces, which she’d been hiding in a gift bag.

According to Tiffany, she hoped her son would become sick enough to move to a different ICU unit, where she believed the treatment was better.

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Tiffany is being charged with six counts of aggravated assault, as well as neglect of a minor. Sadly, Luke’s health still hangs in the balance and his four siblings may grow up without their mother.

To learn more about this disturbing case, check out the video below.

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It’s hard to imagine any mother purposefully harming her sick son. Our hearts go out to Luke and his siblings during this difficult time. Hopefully, Tiffany will get the help she needs.

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