This Dog Knows How To Help Clean Up Around The House — I'm So Jealous!


Most parents usually threaten their misbehaving kids by taunting them with the dreaded sentence, “If you’re going to live under my roof, then you’re going to follow my rules.”

As part of my mother’s rules, I was expected to clean up after myself and keep everything tidy. While I never really put up much of a fight when it came to doing chores, I wasn’t exactly eager to do them, either.

In the household below, though, even the pets are happy to clean! This sweet dog loves to help out his owners however possible. He can be caught doing everything from cleaning up spills and messes to picking up all his toys. He also turns on the vacuum and sweeps!

Where can I find myself a dog like this?

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If this family knows what’s good for them, they might start hiring out the pooch, going door-to-door offering his housekeeping services.

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