Girl turns out to be a ‘Donut-Digger’ and this Guy Busts and Ditches Her—Hilarious!

“What? Do donuts turn you on?”

If you spend hours on the internet every day, you’ve probably come across one of those ‘social experiments’ involving ‘gold-diggers’. These videos show how guys test women if they’d do anything for money. But don’t you get tired of those ‘experiments’ lately? Youtuber LAHWF makes a change by making a parody of those videos—and it’s completely hilarious!


Yes, this is a real prank, but it is fake… if you know what we mean.  Tony Spinach’ (not his real name of course) tries hitting on this girl, asking her if she wants to watch movies at his place. She immediately declines and says she has a boyfriend. But instead of pretending to be a rich guy, he offers to buy her donuts, and she immediately takes the bait! I mean who doesn’t want donuts, right?

Watch the hilarious turn of events here:

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