Woman Drinks Her Boyfriend's Blood And Avoids Sunlight Because Sanity Is Dead


As a self-diagnosed hypochondriac, every minor ache and pain leaves me searching the web for hours.

I assume the worst in every situation, but more often than not, my symptoms are nothing more than growing pains and signs of getting older. But before I can convince myself that I’m not dying from every disease known to man, I google my suspected ailment and try to find a range of treatments. While I’ve gone to some pretty strange lengths to feel better, I’ve never done anything like this.

Australian makeup artist Georgina Condon first developed a thirst for blood when she was just 12 years old. Having avoided direct sunlight for the last 20 years, Condon has spent most of her life living as a vampire.

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The woman was diagnosed with Thalassemia and anemia at an early age. She also suffers from solar dermatitis, which is a rare condition that forces Condon to avoid direct sunlight at all costs.

While Thalassemia can be cured with blood transfusions, Condon has taken the more extreme route of drinking blood directly from human donors as a sensual and sexual experience. (Pro tip: This does little to actually cure the condition.)

She found her first donor at 17 and ever since has consumed bi-weekly “treatments” from her lovers and other willing participants.

Condon began touring the goth club circuit around the same time and soon realized that many men and women were turned on by the thought of having their blood sucked by a vampire.

Her current boyfriend has been with Condon for the last three years and has been supportive of the woman’s desire for human blood from the beginning.

She no longer seeks other donors beyond her boyfriend, because they consider the act cheating.

Condon tries to keep her life of vampirism a secret from friends, who have called her weird in the past.

She has also taken her vampirism to a whole new level by having a fang-making specialist design her a set of prosthetic fangs. It is Condon’s hope to one day turn her teeth into fully-functioning fangs.

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(via Daily Mail)

Whatever bizarre ailment you might have, maybe don’t resort to measures as drastic as this.

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