This Military Family Was Booed On Their Way To Retrieve Their Son's Body


Most military heroes and their families receive warm welcomes and uproarious rounds of applause when they are acknowledged.

The same cannot be said for the family of Army Sergeant John Perry. In order to retrieve their son’s body, Stewart Perry and his wife, Kathy, along with their daughter Anita, had to fly from Sacramento to Philadelphia.

After their connecting flight in Phoenix was delayed, flight personnel made a special announcement allowing the military family to exit the plane before all other passengers. Unsatisfied with the special privilege, many first-class passengers booed the family as they excited the plane. Hearing the complaints sent them into tears during an already emotional week.

Saturday evening, the Perry family was given the devastating news that their son had been killed in the line of duty during a suicide bombing in Bagram, Afghanistan.

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The man became a military hero after risking his life to stop the bomber, who missed his target at a local 5K run to support disabled soldiers.

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