Depressed Mom Experiences Life-Changing Moment—and It Will Definitely Change Yours Too!


‘Am I not good enough as a parent?” she asked herself all the time.

Every parent struggles to be a good parent to their children. Providing them with everything they need and want, as long as they are able to; feeding them even if it means starving themselves; giving them a warm bed to sleep in, while they sleep on the cold floor—every parent has gone through a thing or two.

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Mom vlogger Kristina Kuzmic shares her story when she just got through a rough divorce and was forced to take care of her two children alone. She was left depressed and broken, thinking that she wasn’t a ‘good enough’ parent.

Kristina says on her video: ‘I was obviously overwhelmed. Completely broke, on food stamps, sharing a bed with my children. I couldn’t even afford my own bed so I slept on the floor next to my kids’ bunk bed, and I was really depressed.’

She was depressed. She would hide in her room and cry herself to sleep. Life was hard on her, but she was sad because she believed she wasn’t a ‘good enough’ parent to her children. But when she visited a therapist, he told her something that completely changed her life.

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