Think You're Having A Bad Day? Think Again. These People Are Having A Worse One!


When I’m having a really bad day, one where absolutely everything goes wrong, there’s not much that can make me feel better.

It’s always important to remember, though, that someone out there has definitely got it worse than I do because I’m fed, clothed, and safe. But it’s also important to know that some people out there are having a day just as bad or slightly worse than me. That’s where the internet comes in, showing me just how ridiculous things can get out there…

1. I hope he at least likes the color yellow.


2. Maybe don’t put those things next to each other in the cabinet anymore?

3. Goodbye, car door. You tried your best.

4. It’s hard to say which one of them is having the worse day.

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5. This is the least relaxing hammock possibility.


6. Tragedy on top of tragedy.

7. I fall all the time, but this one’s a pretty epic fail.

8. Oh, hellllllllll no. I’d run screaming — and then sell my car.

9. One at a time, kids, and no one gets hurt.


10. When the earth opens up and eats your car you deserve to just go back to bed for the day.

11. If there’s one thing I’ve learned since growing up, it’s how dangerous all our favorite things to do as kids were.

12. Well, at least someone got to enjoy it.

13. She just wanted to go to the zoo to see animals and was confronted with this menace.

14. We are truly living in the age of technology.

15. A porcupine literally fell out of a tree and onto her head. Yikes!

16. Somebody at ESPN needs to be a little more careful about the links they’re posting…

17. Hippos are straight-up terrifying. Run, dude, run!

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18. Remember to always anchor your TV to the wall.

19. “I think I’ll just stay here now.”

20. Not the cupcakes! We need those!

21. Nothing like a punch straight to the face for Christmas.


22. That’s just not how you cook.

23. He was so, so close.

Sorry, everyone, but you know what they say — misery loves company. I think this list could put a smile back on my face no matter how terrible my day was!

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