People Said Some Awful Things About Her Baby But Her Love For Him Only Grows


Being different is tough in this world, especially if that difference is immediately noticeable.

Amy Poole knew even before her baby boy was born that he was going to have a different nose than most kids. The ultrasound showed that Ollie had tissue growing on his face at around 20 weeks, so Poole prepared herself.

Even though she knew about his condition, she was still shocked when she first saw him. She said, “When they gave me Ollie to hold, I was so surprised that I almost couldn’t speak. He was so tiny, but there was this enormous golf ball-sized lump on his nose. At first I wasn’t sure how I would cope. But I knew that I would love him no matter what he looked like.”

Encephalocele, Ollie’s condition, causes the brain to grow through a hole in his skull and into the nose. Poole lovingly calls him Pinocchio.

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Some people don’t see him for the special boy he is. Strangers often point and stare or laugh at Ollie when they see him.

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