21 Hysterical Kids Who Don't Quite Get The Point Of Hide-And-Seek


Kids love to play hide and seek, and when they’re small, they can be pretty good at it.

There are all kinds of nooks and crannies in houses where kids can hide, knowing big-kids won’t be able to find them. Some kids, though, don’t quite get it. Here are 21 hysterical kids who gave hiding their best shot but failed pretty adorably.

1. It was a good effort, but not quite…

2. Kids need to figure out how glass works.

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3. This kiddo proves you’ve got to be aware of your surroundings.

4. He knew there had to be a catch.

5. Again, you’re just so close!

6. There are so many ways this “hiding place” went wrong.

7. Ah, the old curtain trick.

8. Betrayal by mirror.

9. You know, I’m not that great at spatial reasoning either and I’m a grownup.

10. Depending on how messy your house is, this is maybe genius.

11. This fail is pretty adorable, actually.

12. Maybe he just got stuck there?

13. Same, kid. Same.

14. She definitely gets a participation trophy.

15. Curtains are a big hit with kids. Sorry, little lady, we can see you!

16. Double trouble.

17. Maybe the idea is to not see the person trying to find you.

18. I think he fell asleep under there…

19. When, oh when will they learn?

20. A cushion with legs? That’s new.

21. We saved the best for last.

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Well, kids, let this be a lesson. Hide your whole body, be aware of your surroundings, and give up on curtains. Better luck next time!


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