This Phenomenon Is Uncommon But This Dad Found 3 Eggs Like This One Morning


We always hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

And it’s certainly one of the most delicious! No matter the time, I’m pretty much ready to eat a savory brunch with sausage and eggs if a plate is in front of me. If I had the same gross experience Ady Reid did, though, I might be turned off to eggs for a little while — at least.

Reid went to the grocery store to get eggs to make breakfast for his sons, but what he found when he cracked open the shells was revolting.

Reid found blood in three of the dozen eggs in the carton before tossing the whole thing in the garbage.

The father shared on Facebook that he never wanted to eat eggs again after the experience. And understandably so!

When he complained about the incident to the grocery store, they offered Reid a refund and a free bottle of wine.

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