Brave Mom Shields 2-year-old Son from a Vicious Dog Attack—and Almost Dies from Doing So!


It was 5-7 minutes of absolute terror!

Parents would do anything to keep their children safe, even if it means putting their own lives in the line of danger in doing so. This mother almost died while protecting her 2-year-old son, Grayson, who was viciously attacked by 2 neighbourhood dogs.

Captured on a surveillance camera on their home, a mother and son were attacked by 2 dogs. The video shows the two dogs surrounding the boy on the front lawn before knocking him to the ground. Seeing this, the mom immediately responds and grabs her son to safety.

Unfortunately, both dogs follow them to their front porch, while the mom struggled to look for her keys. The dogs try to attack the boy, but the mother protects her son, despite being bit and attacked by the dogs as well. The mother then covered her son and attempted to shield him as the dogs continued to bite.

Finally, a neighbour came over with a stick and pulled the dogs away from the mother and child. The 2-year-old was taken to the hospital and required multiple stitches and plastic surgery on his face, while the mother was covered in bites and bruises.

“We will determine the history of these dogs to see if there’s additional responsibility,” family attorney Richard Patterson said.

Neighbours held the dogs after the attack until animal control officers came and took them away.

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