Woman Covered Adoption Fees for Every Pet in this Shelter so They Can Have a Home on Christmas!


I bet that shelter will be empty in just a few days!

There are a lot of animal lovers out there who dream of having a pet of their own, but sadly, some people cannot afford to get one from hundreds of shelters around the world. Adopting an animal can cost anywhere from $50-$200, depending on the region and whether you are adopting a cat or a dog. And yes, dogs tend to be more expensive.

But thanks to Kim Pacini-Hauch’s sweet and powerful gesture, hundreds of animals from this shelter will have a home before Christmas. She will cover the fee for every adoptive family from now until 2017 in order to ensure that no animal from the Front Street Animal Shelter is forced to go without a good home due to the high costs of adoption.

If you want to give a dog or cat to other animal-lovers out there, or if you want these pets for yourself, better head to the Front Street Animal Shelter in the City of Sacramento now!

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