These Teddy Bears Coming Home for Christmas Will Definitely Pull on Your Heartstrings!


Can’t wait to see MY teddy bears this Christmas!

Christmas is a time when families get together and spend time to make up for time lost during the entire year. We get to be with family and friends we haven’t seen for a while, making Christmas the most memorable time of the year.

Screenshot from Youtube Heathrow Airport

In this ad by London’s Heathrow airport, two Teddy bears fly home and meet their ‘family’. The cute 70-second video shows how families are reunited through easy travelling.

“Christmas is my favorite time of year at Heathrow. The airport is abuzz with families and friends reuniting for this special time of year,” says Heathrow’s commercial director Jonathan Coen. “We love the film and hope the bears’ journey through the airport captures that excitement you feel when walking through Heathrow arrivals into the arms of your loved ones at Christmas.”

With Christmas just around the corner, many children are looking forward to seeing their grandparents once again. This ad made me miss the warmth and comfort I feel whenever I’m with my grandparents—how about you?


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