Pet Owner Devastated after Discovering 7 of Her Cats Were Cruelly Killed with Rat Poison


Whoever did this inhumane act should be put behind bars!

For many animal lovers, pets are considered part of the family. These pets get to spend precious moments with the family—ultimately becoming part of the memories they make. Many people take in pets to comfort them in times of depression, or to protect younger members of the family from danger.

For Facebook user Chris Swit, her cats were her family. Unfortunately, all 7 of her cats died in a very cruel way.

She was shocked to discover that 7 of her cats were gone one morning. What she saw next shocked and broke her heart. 5 of her cats (2 still missing) were lying dead, with one cat even fighting for its dear life. The cat was gagging on something and was slowly running out of breath.


Not far from where the cats were found, she saw cat food laced with poison believed to be for rats. She believes the cat food was used to poison her beloved pets.


As of this article’s writing, her Facebook post has reached hundreds of thousands of netizens who were equally shocked by how the cats were killed.

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