Hardworking Filipino Wins the Montreal Lotto Grand Prize of $32.7 Million


There was one chance in 14 million of winning that amount.

41-year-old Patrick Estacio from the Philippines just won $32.7 Million in the Lotto 6/49 in Montreal, Canada.

He said: “On my way to work I told myself I had to validate my ticket, said the winner. When I looked, I thought I had won $ 32 700. But when Christine (employee of Lotto-Québec, Ed) came, she told me I was a millionaire.”

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He adds: “It’s so surreal. By buying a lottery ticket, I do not expect to win the jackpot. ”

For two years until today, Estacio has been supporting himself by working two jobs simultaneously. The hardworking Filipino has finally hit big time after luckily winning the said draw. By choosing the combination 06-09-30-37-43-49, there was one chance in 14 million of winning that amount.

According to Estacio, he feels he is still in cloud 9 and couldn’t believe he has won such a big amount of money. Although he still doesn’t know what to do with the money, he intends to keep a simple life.

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