Chinese Farmer Makes His Pigs Dive from a 10ft-high Platform to Make Them Fit and Better-Tasting


The pigs seem to enjoy it too!

Huang Deming, a Chinese pig farmer has carried out an odd ‘sports programme’ on his pigs for about four years. The pigs are trained to dive from a platform as high as three metres (10 feet) before swimming laps in the pond.


According to Huang, this ‘exercise’ makes the pigs fit—ultimately making their meat taste better. Their meat become leaner and has less fat. In addition, it apparently increases their appetite, which means they grow faster.


Every day, the man brings his pigs from his farm at Ningxiang County to a nearby pond for water-based fitness training. The pig farm in Hunan Province in China has since become a local attraction, with tourists and locals hoping to see the pigs do their daily routine.


The farmer’s unique way of raising pigs have sparked great interests among users of the Chinese social media site, Weibo.


One user said: ‘I already want to eat them.’

Another joked: ‘Life is hard for everybody. Even pigs need to learn to dive.’

Sources TheSun

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