Should You Wear Bras While Sleeping or Not? Know the Facts Here!


Here are the pros and cons of wearing a bra to bed.

Keeping a bra on at night may be a discomfort for some women, while there may be some who can’t do without it. Here is what you actually need to know. You may have heard strong arguments for both sides—keeping the bra on and taking it off in the night. There are theories that educate about the pros and cons of wearing bras throughout the night.

Many women take their bras off at night, because they are uncomfortable wearing bras while sleeping. Aside from that, they believe that wearing bras at night might ‘clog the lymph nodes’ causing infections that may later lead to breast cancer.

FACT: According to health expert, those information are just myth. Speaking from a medical point of view, lymph nodes in the underarms works to naturally filter or drain the breast of lymph fluid and also to prevent infection, cancer cells, and other foreign materials from disrupting the system. Contrary to news doing the rounds, wearing a bra at night has no association or is not related to breast cancer. It does not increase the risk of postmenopausal breast cancer

On the other hand, there are women who are used to wearing a bra even while sleeping. Other than that, they also believe that NOT wearing a bra to bed can lead to sagging.

FACT: We can say that there’s no science to back up this statement. In fact, breast sag is much attributed to age, genetics, pregnancy or breastfeeding.

If you intend to wear a bra to bed, to prevent any risk, pick out a correct-fitting bra that is made in soft, breathable cotton.

Because in fact, the issue of wearing bra during the night is more of a matter of comfort instead of medical health. So if you decide to use bra while sleeping, remember to choose the one made of natural fiber with a soft cup that is well-fitted and pleasant to be used and can support your breast properly.

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