Netizens Shocked as Baby Gets dragged by the Feet and was Dangerously Flipped on Bathroom Floor


Viewer discretion is advised.

Many couples are left broken-hearted upon discovering they cannot have babies of their own. Being able to conceive and make a family definitely plays a very important role for married couples especially, but sadly, not everyone is blessed.

The sad thing is, despite being blessed with children, some mothers often abuse their children, or abandon them for no reason at all. This baby was unfortunate enough to be born to this parent, who physically abused him even though he was just a few months old.

In the video, an unknown assailant drags the baby by the feet before flipping him dangerously on the bathroom floor. As if the assailant wasn’t satisfied with what she’d done that she even pushed the baby using her feet and left the baby under the shower. The baby struggled helplessly and even swallowed mouthfuls of water as he continued to bawl.

The baby obviously struggled, and was in tears after the frightening ordeal. Only after a while did the perpetrator let go and the baby managed to flip himself back into his crawling position.


Though the video’s source is unknown, it has reached millions of netizens after being constantly shared on Facebook and other social media sites.

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