Dog Warns Owner Before Overcharged Phone Explodes—Ultimately Saving His Life!


Parts of his phone had already melted.

Dogs are truly man’s best friend. They cheer us up when we feel down, and protect us from potential dangers. Facebook user Charles Rafols is thankful to his dog for ultimately saving his and his family’s lives after waking him up with his incessant barking.

Apparently, he had left his phone charging while he was sleeping. His dog Taff woke him up with his barking to warn him that his phone was about to explode from overcharging. Thankfully, he woke up just in time to unplug the charger and take his phone’s battery out.

The phone was extremely hot and was about to explode. Thanks to Taff’s efforts, Charles was saved.

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Rough Translation:

“Thank you for saving us Taff. It was a good thing that you woke me up with your incessant barking. Thank you, really, that you felt something was wrong. You didn’t only save me, but my family too.

“I left my phone charging underneath my bed while I was sleeping, when I was woken up by my dog’s incessant barking—the first thing I checked was my phone. I was using a different charger then. I saw my phone was extremely hot and the charging port of my phone had already melted, sticking to my sheets. I immediately unplugged the charger and took battery out.


“I am thankful that my dog didn’t stop barking to wake me up.


Never leave your phone charging while you sleep and never use a charger that isn’t compatible with your phone. Hopefully this will serve as a lesson to each and every one of us—especially to me.”

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