This Gender Reveal Party Goes Wrong After Random Balloons Pop Out of Box



If you’re an expectant parent having a gender reveal party, you’re probably thinking that the balloons that are popping out of a cardboard box will either be blue to signify a baby boy or pink to represent a baby girl.

But what if you got a bunch of random colors instead?

That’s what recently happened to a Minneapolis couple, Joe and Leela Krummel, when the party they were holding to announce the gender of their child went haywire when the box was opened.

Said Leela, via Today: “We were in disbelief when we saw the balloons … I was trying not to cry.”

Fortunately for the couple, one guest looked inside the box and found the doctor’s card that revealed the gender (and that was supposed to alert the person packing the balloons what colors to use). Since the couple already had blue balloons to decorate their house, the party guests repacked the box with the correct colors to give the expectant parents the surprise (and the knowledge) they had wanted all along.

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