Bratty Girlfriend Kicks Her Boyfriend on the Groin Nine Times—Because He Refused to Buy Fruits!


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

You may have seen women go bonkers when they catch their partners cheating, or when they get cut-off from work—and yes, when they don’t get what they want. When you think you’ve seen everything, there is always that one woman who can top it all.

This girl wanted some fruit, particularly expensive pears, but her boyfriend refused to buy her some because it was too pricey. The girl continued to pressure her girlfriend into buying her some, but the man kept his ground and stood firm with his decision.

She asks him one last time: “Are you buying or not?!”

He gives a curt reply: “No.”

Wrong answer, man.


The infuriated girl then lunged at her boyfriend and gave him a hard kick to the groin, making him fall to the ground. Not satisfied with her deadly attack, she gives him eight more! That definitely hurt!

Passersby and other customers stood in shock, while other onlookers took their smartphones out and started recording.

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