Miley Cyrus Tearily Mourns Clinton's Campaign, Accepts Trump's Presidency


The sun has risen, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has conceded to President-elect Donald Trump, and Miley Cyrus is letting the world know that we have to be OK with that.

In an impassioned video posted to her Twitter and Facebook accounts one hour before Clinton delivered her concession speech, Cyrus told her fans that she’s disappointed Clinton didn’t secure the presidency, a position Cyrus believes Clinton rightfully deserves.

“That’s what makes me so sad,” Cyrus said into the camera while beginning to cry, “Is that I just wish [Clinton] had that opportunity, because she’s fought for so long, and because I believe her when she says she loves this country.”

Nonetheless, Cyrus is taking Trump’s presidency in stride. Happy hippies, she said—referencing her nonprofit foundation for homeless and LGBT youth—adjust and accept everyone for who they are. 

“And so, Donald Trump, I accept you,” Cyrus said. “And it deserves to say that I even accept you as the president of the United States, and that’s fine. That’s fine…”

Cyrus, who Felt the Bern prior to being With Her, gets choked up again as she thanks President Obama for the past eight years.

Watch Cyrus’s full video below:

Not even 12 hours have passed and Cyrus already has an outlook rosier than most of the internet—maybe her sunny disposition will rub off?

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