Dead Newborn Baby Comes Back to Life after Doctor Prayed to Mother Theresa—Unbelievable!


For 15 minutes, they tried reviving the baby but still, nothing changed.

Drolah Sanchez, a doctor at a public hospital in Batangas, shares her miracle story on Facebook, where a dead baby she just delivered was brought back to life with a single prayer she made to St Theresa of Calcutta, or popularly known as Mother Theresa.

One September morning, at 5:40am to be exact, a 20-year-old mother was about to give birth. She was rushed to Dr Sanchez’ hospital, where hospital staff knew it wasn’t going to be a normal delivery.

The baby came out pale, no heartbeat, no breathing activity, not even a single trace of life. Dr Sanchez was heartbroken and was in tears. Weary and feeling like giving up, Dr Sanchez prayed sincerely and asked for the help of St Theresa.

Sanchez continued weeping and started praying to St. Teresa. She asked for a sign. If the baby will not return to life, she will resign from her job as she can’t manage to do all the work in the hospital. For 15 minutes, they tried reviving the baby but still, nothing changed.

Another minute passed. One of the nurses told her to stop because the baby was already dead. She continued reviving until the baby began breathing. And in a miraculous turn of events, the baby began breathing again!


The baby was named after St. Teresa of Calcutta whom Dr. Sanchez believed to have caused the miracle and brought the baby back to life. Welcome to the world, Maria Theresa!


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