Shanghai Mall Opens its “Husband Nursery” Where Husbands Stay While Their Wives Shop


Don’t you think every mall in the world needs this?

Everyone knows, of course, that women love to shop. Most men, it seems, shop only reluctantly and at the last minute, especially during the holidays—except perhaps for cars, trucks and big-screen TVs. But women, regardless of the season or the state of the economy, seem drawn to shopping.

For many husbands around the world, being dragged along while they wives shop is probably harder and more tiring than actually going to work. The Vanke Mall in Shanghai relates to how these men feel and so they decided to open a ‘husband nursery’ wherein wives can leave their husbands while they freely shop.

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According to news163, the nursery is located on the third floor, the room features magazines, newspapers, television sets and massage chairs for the men to relax.

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Netizens praised the idea, with one tired husband commenting: “Accompanying my wife to shop is more tiring than working.”


Others relegated stories of their “shopping nightmares”.

One befuddled man complained: “Everytime I accompany my wife to go shopping I don’t know whether she’s there to buy things or to just walk.”

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However others complained that the amenities were insufficient, with one asking: “No wifi?”

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