The World’s Hottest Grandpa Tells Us His Story—and it’s Something We all need to Hear!


He started modelling at the age of 70!

Meet Deshun Wang. He is an 80-year-old man who was born and raised in Shenyang, China. What’s special about him? Well, he is probably the oldest male model there is—and definitely the world’s hottest grandpa!

Many people took notice of Deshun when he first attended a catwalk show—as a model! He may be 79 years old at that time, but when you look at his body, you would think he even looks younger than other younger male models.

But Deshun’s life wasn’t easy. At 24, he was a threatrical actor, and only started to learn English when he was 44. He started his own pantomime troupe at 49, before going to Beijing and became a ‘Beijing drifter’. He had nothing to his name—and had to start from scratch.

The first time he stepped into a gym and started working out, was when he was 50 years old, an age wherein most people would just love to relax and start planning for a life after retirement. At 57, he returned to the stage and created the world’s only form of performance art called ‘Living Sculpture Performance”.

By 70, he really got into working out, earning a body that is worth headlines around the world. And at age 79, he got on his first catwalk! Watch and listen to his story below:

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