Bloody Fight Ensues after THIS Penguin Comes Home to Find His Wife with another Man


Warning: Graphic Content

Discovering how your partner is cheating on you is definitely a painful experience—and apparently, in other species too. This penguin just realized his wife was cheating on him, and things get bloody violent!

Naturally, the husband flips out and immediately attacks the home wrecker. An epic fight ensues and both men draw blood. They attack each other with their flippers/fins, which are actually almost pure bone. You just can imagine how that hurts!


After a brief fight, they both call out to the female to make her choose who she wants to be with. Sadly, she walks away with her lover and leaves her husband behind.


Bloodied, broken-hearted, and defeated—the penguin continues to follow the new couple into their home, attacking the home wrecker once again. He attacks him with his flippers before they start pecking at each other’s eyes.


More bloodied than ever, the penguin finally understood that he has been defeated and walks away. His wounds will definitely heal—but his heart never will. Unless of course a new partner comes along!

Sources Net Geo Channel

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