Imagine Opening A Can Of Coca-Cola Only To Find This Nightmare Inside


In 2016, Coca-Cola changed their official slogan to “Taste the Feeling.”

The international company’s latest viral campaign has filled the world with images of happy, everyday people enjoying life and a bottle of the soft drink. However, not everyone is tasting the feeling the way Coca-Cola has intended. In fact, one man in South Dakota is suing the company after finding a surprise in his can of Coke.

Duane Putzier from Mitchell, South Dakota, was on his way home on a warm June night when he stopped at a local convenience store to pick up two 16-ounce cans of Coca-Cola.

After finishing the first can, he opened the second and continued drinking. When he was almost done with it, he felt something inside of it shift and lightly touch his lips.

Using tin snips, Putzier and his wife cut open the can and discovered a dead mouse inside.

The next day, the man became ill. Due to his sickness, he missed more than 60 hours of work, lost 30 pounds, and amassed over $1,000 in medical bills.

On October 3, 2016, Putzier and his attorney filed a civil complaint against Coca-Cola, accusing them of wrongful negligence.

The complaint reads, in part: ”Defendant had a duty to exercise reasonable care, and to comply with the existing standards of care, in their preparation, manufacture, inspection, transportation and sale of cans of Coca-Cola…including a duty to ensure that consumers would not suffer from contaminants. The finding of a dead mouse in a sealed can of Coca-Cola is an incident that, according to common knowledge and experience, does not happen unless those having management or control of the can were negligent.”

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Putzier and his attorney are seeking a restitution of $2,026 plus damages with interest. Coca-Cola has yet to respond to the complaint, but failure to do so within 30 days could result in a judgment by default.

(via Grand Forks Herald)

Thank goodness I gave up drinking soda a few months ago, because if this happened to me, I would lose it.


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