Man Blatantly Lies About Doing Charity—Even Editing Photos to make it Believable!


Apparently, he was just a driver for the foundation’s vehicle.

In a society where most people’s lives revolve around social media, a lot of ‘good samaritans’ had their own short-lived fame. A lot of netizens love to see other people helping those who are less fortunate, which inspires them to do the same in their lifetime. But of course, not everything on the internet is real. With the advancement of technology regarding editing photos, we should always be sceptical about what we see.

A Malaysian man posed with a poor family he supposedly helped on his birthday, and posted his ‘good deed’ on Facebook, garnering likes from his friends on the said social media site.

His Facebook post read: “This birthday I wanted to do something different. I decided to give rather than to receive. It may just be a small giving & to only one family but what a wonderful feeling it was having to see joy & happiness coming from them!


“We can’t help & save everybody but we can make a difference in somebody’s life! It only takes a spark to start the fire burning!”

But before you praise this guy, let’s get the facts straight first. Apparently, nothing about his post was true. According to Facebook user Madhu Sevan, the man was only the driver and not the donor as he had claimed.


Sevan said: “If you can see the lady on the extreme right..she was actually wearing a Kechara*  t- shirt..but he already edited the baju making it look like a plain red t- shirt.”



Netizens slammed the man, who vigilantly deleted any comments pointing out his lies.

What is Kechara?

Kechara is a well-known international charity organization. Not only do they do charity for the poor and needy, they also do so for animals.

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