Homeless Drug Addict Turns into an Owner of a Fruit Juice Empire—in Just 5 Years!


His life made a complete turn-around!

46-year-old Khalil Rafiti started off with a rough life. He was addicted to drugs and was homeless as a result. It was until a friend gave him an advice which he took to heart—and ultimately changed his life for the better.

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In his book ‘I Forgot to Die’, the present-day millionaire shares his recollections about how 13 years ago he struggled with drug addiction, weighed just 48 kg, was closer to a shadow than a real human being, and languished in absolute poverty.

Photo from instagram/khalilrafati

It was until a friend suggested to start a business in the natural juice industry that he was lifted out of his depression and believe in himself again. He began to make juices for the patients and staff at the Riviera Recovery Center. It was also thanks to this institution that he was able to restore his own health.

Photo from instagram/khalilrafati

In the space of five years, the center’s reputation spread around all of Hollywood. This inspired the enterprising Khalil to open a whole chain of his own ‘SunLife Organics’ juice bars on the outskirts of his native Malibu.

Photo from instagram/khalilrafati

These uniquely healthy drinks that people line up to buy contain alkaline water, Himalayan pink salt, and dandelion greens. Along with many other items on the menu such as fruit cocktails, coffee, and frozen yogurt, the company’s signature drink is still the “Wolverine” smoothie, made with bananas and dates.

Photo from instagram/khalilrafati

The frontman of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthony Kiedis, and the actor David Duchovny, as well as less-famous customers, also adore the cocktails “The Elixir of Life“ and ”The Happy” sold by the juice bars.

Photo from instagram/khalilrafati

Today, Khalil is a great and well-loved boss by his employees who were once in need of a serious helping hand like he did.

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