Elderly Man ‘Piggyback-rides’ His Wife across a Busy Street in Beijing Because She Was Too Tired


If this isn’t true love—I don’t know what is!

Many incidents involving infidelity surround China. Some men openly cheat and have mistresses on the side as a status symbol. An affair might be a secret elsewhere, but Chinese men support multiple women, in part, to openly flaunt their wealth and social status. For Chinese men there’s no status symbol like a mistress, or two, or three, or four.

But these recent pictures show that that isn’t the case for every couple in China. As a matter of fact, these pictures symbolize true love!


At an intersection in Beijing’s Daxing District, an elderly couple can be seen crossing the street—with the man carrying the woman on his back! In the first pictures, it can be seen that the old woman was having a hard time and couldn’t walk any further. The old man then decides to give her a piggyback ride and carried her across the busy street.


After the photos were posted on Chinese website Weibo, netizens were touched and inspired by how the couple showed true love despite how old they were.

Sources Shanghaiist Newsqq

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