Warning: Young Boy Acquires Staph Infection after Playing in This Popular Kid’s Play Area


Parents should be aware of the dangers of letting their children play in them.

Bounce houses are summer staples. Unfortunately, they can pose extreme danger to your children. With hundreds of children in contact with the bounce house’s surface, their sweat stick to the play area’s plastic structure which ultimately creates bacteria.

Brenda Sanderson had to learn the hard way. Brenda and her son just attended a summer graduation party where the hosts had rented a bounce house where the kids could jump and play in. A few days after the party, her son started having angry red rashes all over his arms.


Thinking it was a simple allergy, Brenda applied Neosporin on the affected skin and did not think anything of it. But the marks did not get better.

They were growing and spreading. The ones on his arm grew tremendously bigger and became open sore wounds—which eventually reached different parts of his body. Brenda knew something was terribly wrong.


She immediately brought her son to the doctor’s office. The doctor asked about her son’s recent activity and the bounce house party came up.  When the doctor heard her son had been in a bounce house, she knew it was a staph infection, caused by unseen bacteria on the plastic surface. The doctor told her “It is like a wrestling mat. Staph infections come from a gym or something that’s not being washed or cleansed properly will start to create a bacteria.”

Though the giant inflated house seems harmless when it comes to physical injury, it actually brings more danger when it comes to bacteria and viruses.

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