This Guy Shows Us What Happens to Balloons if You Freeze Them—Cool Experiment!


I seriously want to try this out some time!

Once again, YouTube’s Crazy Russian Hacker is here to show us something odd but educational at the same time. Have you ever wondered what happens to balloons when you freeze them? Watch his video below:


Instead of popping, each balloon started to shrivel up after being frozen! Did you expect this to happen? The cool part was after he took out the frozen balloons and put them on the table, the balloons slowly returned to their original state! Cool, right?

So how did this happen?

Apparently, the speed of molecules decrease, i.e., they become slower because temperature is directly proportional to the speed of molecules. Therefore, the speed of molecules decreases. After freezing the balloon, the force of each molecule in its surrounding also decreases because pressure is also directly proportional to temperature.

The balloon will then shrink, or it will become very small. Since the speed of molecules has decreased they move very slow and come closer together. They don’t get pushed back by other molecules because pressure has also decreased.

Once removed from its frozen state, the gas inside the balloon expands once again and returns to its normal state.


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