They Stripped Down in Public and Covered Themselves in Fake Blood Just to Relay This Message


They wanted to raise awareness against animal cruelty and meat consumption.

A group of 20 protesters are now making worldwide headlines after a very graphic performance in Barcelona, Spain. These animal rights activists from the animal rights organization “AnimaNaturalis,” gathered in front of a busy crowd to protest against the production and consumption of meat. They were trying to raise awareness against animal cruelty, and for people to adopt a meat-free diet.

While most protesters would simply bring placards and use their words to express their pleas, the group stripped down, covered themselves in fake blood, laid down in large styrofoam trays and wrapped themselves up in cling film. The packaging was labelled “carne humana,” meaning “human meat.”


“We put ourselves in the place of the faceless animals, those that lie on supermarket shelves,” expressed the organization on its Twitter account.


They also added in an interview: “We hope the stunt would raise awareness of the benefits of a vegan diet ‘free from exploitation, animal suffering and death.’”



Barcelona declared itself a “veggie-friendly” city on March, but the protesters believe this isn’t enough.


“We want to draw the attention of the authorities of the city, which pledged in March to join global initiatives such as Paul McCartney’s ‘Meatless Monday’, but have not implemented anything yet,” Aida Gascon, director of AnimaNaturalis, said.

Sources: Newsweek

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