Creepy Video Shows ‘Ghost’ Jumping Into a Lake Where Two Other Boys Were Swimming


I didn’t notice that at first glance!

With Halloween just around the corner, the internet is surely filled with ghost stories, eerie pictures, and creepy videos. While most of them are fake and staged for Halloween parties, there are some pictures and videos which are dubbed to be real. This viral video has been shared on different social media sites, showing a ‘translucent ghost’ jumping into a pond where other boys were swimming—but is it real?

Posted in the YouTube channel Ghost Hunters, the video showed a group of young boys swimming and playing on the lake, when an unknown entity visibly jumped into the waters! But if you look a little closely, the “ghost” resembled one of the boys—making it possible that the video was simply manipulated.

Different people questioned the video’s authenticity which Ghost Hunters stated that. “’These videos are NOT real. These are meant for [e]ntertainment purpose only.”

But yeah, that still gave me the creeps!

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