Burger King Joint Disguises as “The Ghost of McDonald’s” in This Halloween Prank


How will you respond, McDonald’s?

Every Halloween season, we see hundreds of people and children who dress as different characters filling the streets. But have you ever heard of an entire restaurant dressing as something else? Well, this Burger King joint just did that—and they’re making headlines on the internet!

The BK, located at 92-85 Queens Boulevard, has draped itself in super-sized white sheets, emblazoning those billowing sheets with beady red eyes and yellow eyebrows. Do those colors ring a bell? Yes, this Burger King is in costume as the ghost of McDonald’s!

In a particularly snarky move, the chain’s marquee even reads, “Booooooo! Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween.”


But if some of you remember how Pepsi did a similar stunt a few years ago, dressing up as Coca-Cola and wishing you “a scary Halloween” in a print ad from Brussels agency Buzz in a Box, you’ll realize this kind of stunt is actually common:

It appears that mocking the competition may be a common theme among major brands looking to stage an epic joke for the holiday!

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