This Mom's Video About Her Son With Down Syndrome Will Warm Your Heart


When Welles Peterson was born, his parents were shocked to learn that their baby boy had Down syndrome.

Although roughly 400,000 individuals have Down syndrome in the United States, there are still a lot of misconceptions about the disorder. The Petersons didn’t know what the future would hold or what the news meant for their family.

While mom Oakley and son Welles were still in the hospital, a friend came to visit. She was the parent of a child with Down and told the couple something incredible: “You just hit the jackpot.” It didn’t take long for the Pertersons to realize how right she had been.

To help the world understand more about Down syndrome, Oakley Peterson started a blog called “Nothing Down About It.” There, she celebrates her son and the joy he’s brought to their family.

Recently, Oakley teamed up with Very Jane to take part in their “Strong Like You” series. Listening to her wonderful outlook on life with her son is absolutely heartwarming.


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What a beautiful blessing! Now if you’ll excuse me, I really need a tissue.


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