This baby was born deaf. But look at him when he hears his mother’s voice for the first time!


Nobody can be ready for that cute reaction!

People who are born deaf just imagine how things and people sound like. Their memories are heavily visual and olfactory. They ‘imagine’ how a word sounds like by looking at how a person’s lips are moving. But how would they feel if they could hear a person’s voice after years of hearing nothing at all? This baby was lucky to finally hear her mother’s voice after a few months of being born deaf.

Baby Xander just received a cochlear implant and finally gets to hear her mother’s voice. As soon as his mother spoke, Xander immediately responded by giving the warmest smile ever. He must be really happy to hear his mother’s voice!

He was confused but obviously excited as he would occasionally give a warm smile confirming he can finally hear. What a cute and heart-warming moment!

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