Man Spends Hot Vegas Night With No Other Than His Sister-in-Law—By Mistake!


What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

If not everybody, a lot of people want to spend a night of booze and gambling in Vegas. You probably have Vegas in your bucket list, right?

There are lucky people who get to experience a wild night in Vegas. Having all the booze, all the wins, and all the women in one night is definitely every man’s dream. But for this guy, that one night in Vegas is probably the worst experience he’s ever had.


According to Alfie Powell’s Reddit(Via Stomp) post, he and his wife together with his sister-in-law. After being down on luck at the blackjack table, Powell decided to hit the booze and stumbled back to his hotel room in a drunken mess before passing out. Little did he know, the adventure starts after he hit the sack.

In his drunken state, he woke up in the dark and found somebody next to him. Thinking it was his wife, they got into a hot night without turning on the lights. After a while, Powell noticed that the woman’s breast were different from his wife’s—but it was too late. His wife came in and turned on the lights—only to discover her sister and husband naked on their bed!

I wonder what happened after that night?

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