German National Kills and Dismembers His Filipina Wife of Ten Years to Go on a Sex Tour


In order to enjoy his sex tour, he had to ‘get his wife out of the way’.

On Nov. 28, 2015, 53-year-old Horst Koenig reportedly murdered his Filipina wife, only identified as 37-year-old Grace, in order to go on a sex holiday in Pattaya with her “out of the way.”

Apparently, Koenig has been chatting with a Pattaya girl online who promised to give him an experience of a lifetime. But in order to go to Thailand and enjoy his sex tour, he had to ‘get his wife out of the way’. The only way he could think of was to kill Grace and live freely.

He said in the court: “What she (Pattaya girl) promised, seemed exciting, and many of my secret desires seemed to come true. I wanted to be with this woman.”

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The chemical lab assistant smashed her head with a hammer in her sleep and suffocated her with a plastic bag before dismembering her body. He then put the corpse in garbage bags and left them in a rented warehouse. He then cleared his wife’s bank account in order to go to Thailand.

“I had checklists made, I worked it all out,” Koenig told the judges.

Before committing the murder, Koenig researched “how to kill a person with a single blow to the head” on his computer, according to the police.

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“This was a person with whom I got distracted on the internet from my gloomy daily life,” Koenig said. “My wife increasingly lived on her mobile phone to the extent that she once burned a pot on the stove.”

Though Koenig was able to spend a few weeks in Thailand, he was arrested by the police as soon as he set foot on Germany once again. Grace’s family reported him to the police which led to his arrest. He is facing life imprisonment for premeditated murder if convicted.

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