Mother Breaks Down after Seeing Her Baby Born with a Second Face That Looked Like a Mask


The baby had a second face that resembled a mask.

Every mother would be excited to see their newborn baby for the first time. But for Yi Xilian, seeing her newborn baby Kangkang was probably the hardest for her. Kangkang was born with a transverse facial cleft, which made the baby’s smile crack up to his ears, and created the appearance as if he were wearing a mask of a second face.

“It’s different from a cleft lip or cleft palate; it’s a facial cleft. Not only his face muscles are cleft, but the inside bones are cleft,” says Professer Wang Duquan, who treated Kangkang.


According to Yi from Hunan province in China, there were no problems during pregnancy, and there were no signs of any health problems with her child. Seeing her son for the first time completely caught her off guard. She was so shocked that she completely broke down.

“My family didn’t allow me to see my son at the beginning, and I pleaded with my husband to let me have a look. Before they passed me the baby, they told me ‘don’t be sad, don’t be sad’, but when I saw my son, I collapsed,” said Yi.

What is a facial cleft?

A facial cleft is an opening or gap in the face, or a malformation of a part of the face. Facial clefts is a collective term for all sorts of clefts. All structures like bone, soft tissue, and skin can be affected. Facial clefts are extremely rare congenital anomalies. There are many variations of a type of clefting and classifications are needed to describe and classify all types of clefting. Facial clefts hardly ever occur isolated; most of the time there is an overlap of adjacent facial clefts.

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