Drake and Taylor Swift Are Almost Surely Not Dating. But Maybe They Are?



Move over, 3-year-old photo of Bill Murray that people believe is Tom Hanks. There’s a new mystery on the world wide web.  

It involves Taylor Swift and Drake, who, according to Twitter and Page Six, are dating. The latter reported that Swift was spotted at Drake’s 30th birthday party on Sunday, and that the “only person he spent more time with other than his mom was Taylor,” according to a source. He introduced Swift to his mom, which seems on-brand. 

Before Swift’s first and only show of 2016, last weekend in Austin, Texas, a couple of Drake songs played over the P.A., but that could just be a coincidence. Swift also performed “This Is What You Came For,” the song she wrote under a pseudonym with Calvin Harris, who then gave it to Rihanna to sing. Drake and Rihanna were recently rumored to be dating; they got their own countdown clock and are bonded by their Spotify streams.

The only thing we can do in times like these is scroll through the sea of takes and pledges to log off the internet forever.  

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