This Is The Butt Contest “Miss Bim-Bim”, A Rival “Miss Bum-Bum”


Government Burkini Faso block contest beautiful buttocks Miss Bim-Bim, rival Miss Bum-Bum in Brazil. North African countries in this regard it is done to protect the honor of women.

“Our Task is to do everything to avoid damage to the image of women,” said Minister Laure Zongo in the official statement. According to Laure, urging prohibition appears due to a flood of protest in social media.

Hamado Doambahe, Chairman of the Committee for the organizers of the Miss Bim-Bim mentions nothing wrong with this contest. According to him, thus Miss Bim-Bim promotes African female body as well as introduce the International African fashion.

Pros cons also occurred among women activists. Some are supportive, but not a few who refused because it is considered exploiting women butt. To be sure, through the head of the High Council of Burkina Faso, Nathalie, the Government confirmed the ban the contest.