The bear ripped apart for three hours, this man still survived


A farmer in India fight with bears for three hours and finally survived despite serious wounds and her body face.

A farmer named Jube Valanti Adveppache, 58 years old, it was picking up mushrooms in the forest in the area of Haliyal, Karnataka State, when a bear attacked him suddenly, as reported by the newspaper the Daily Mail, Saturday (27/8).

Jube, who later survived told officer Rangers wild beasts that attacked him was the bear kungkang. Bear it with sharp claws to tear down Jube and make he can’t escape.

Jube spoke, the black bear that attacked him for three hours and then abandoned her when she feels Jube is dead.
Jube then able to rise up, crawling painstakingly filled sores and bleeding to go back to her village.

Hospital officials say Jube already hospitalized in intensive spaces and are now being taken to other hospitals for recuperation.

Photo of the face of the terrible Jube then spread on the Internet. His right eye was gone and it appears the wound scars extending from the brow to the side of his nose.

In the face and head are also seeing many wounds and hematoma.

The story of the film’s story is similar to the Jube Hollywood The Revenant, starring Leonardo DI Caprio. In the film, DI Caprio told attacked bears up to injured and almost died but managed to survive