The Day After His Funeral, The Man Returned Home Escorted Neighbor


Residents Seluma, Village Rindu Kedui, Bengkulu Province, were surprised by the news about a local resident named Hamid, who had been buried, but suddenly alive again, Friday (08/26/2016).
Information horrendous began when Hamid reportedly died at the Hospital of the city of Bengkulu.

The family immediately picks up the bodies from the hospital. The bodies then washed, then was buried in the village cemetery Rimbo Kedui, Thursday (08/25/2016).

“The dead in the city of Bengkulu, found his body near Simpang police station Kandis, Bengkulu city, his body was taken to the police hospital. Then we were told that our grandfather died, then picked up his body for burial, “said Hamid granddaughter, Yulia Antika Riska.

Furthermore, on Friday (08/26/2016), or the day after the funeral, Hamid suddenly arrived from the city of Bengkulu with neighboring ushered in a safe and sound condition.

Panic broke out when the family suddenly knew Hamid was still alive. In fact, the family believes the bodies are buried before has the same characteristics whit Hamid.

“What comes now is also the same characteristics, he is now at home and do not want to be seen,” he continued.
Meanwhile, Police Chief Adjunct Senior Seluma Raden Wahyu Tri Budiyanto, accompanied by visible Intel, AKP Dian Setiawan, said that it had obtained information about this incident.

Only the police cannot confirm the identity of the person who died.

“Still checked again, maybe misidentification of by the hospital. Then the family of alleged slipshod time to view the body, “said Dian.

Hamid has been known to have a mental disorder and have long since left the family so now unrecognizable.
“Hamid so far has not returned to the village. The family was not too familiar anymore physical characteristics. Today where there are people rose from the grave? “Said Dian

Currently, the family is still consulting with the hospital in Bengkulu
City to ensure the identity of the bodies were already buried by the family party.