Hobbies Sunbathing Without Wear Bra, ‘Hot Mom’ This fact Expelled neighbor


Although she was not young anymore, but ‘hot mom’ this one can make a man klepek-klepek at the sight.
She was Maria Luise Warner, a mother who is older than 59 years, and the envy of its neighbors.
Maria still confident to wear a bikini while sunbathing in her yard.

To the extent that he got the disapproval from the neighbors due to the habits.
How come?

Quoted from The Sun, Maria upsets the neighbor’s wife because of her sexy body.

In addition, the neighbors jug upset because she often sunbathing topless.
“They asked her husband remained in the house,” said Maria.

Though Mrs. Maria sunbathing in the courtyard of his own house.
Still, the women neighbors are not happy because her husband often saw Maria when sunbathing.
Initially, Maria lived in Devon, a city in South West England.

However, because not endeared her neighbors, she finally told to move, and now lives in France.
“He yelled at me beyond the fence and told me to get dressed,” said Maria.

He was not familiar with irate neighbors.

Because, Mrs. Maria sunbathes in the garden of his own house.

“I do not understand why he was angry, but I do it in my own garden,” said Maria.

to the extent that he even called Si show off embarrassing.

“My boobs therein. Tak not one ounce (folds) of fat. This makes most women go mad.” MAria said.
He also sired wearing shorts used a teenage girl.

That did not stop hobby sunbathing topless.

Although he had visited the police and assured him that she was fine.
“You cannot blame a man who prefers a sleek sports car than an old banger car heats,” he said.